Besides the different possibilities in diameter, length, power and speed, Van der Graaf offers more options.

The standard lengths of our drum motors can be found in the various tables. This does not mean that different lengths are not possible; in principle, any length is possible. We will provide any length at a surcharge and a possibly slightly longer delivery time.

Cable outlet
As a standard GV drum motors have a terminal box. If desired, the motor can also be provided with a cable. Depending on the type of motor, different versions of the cable outlet are also possible.
The shell of a GV drum motor consists of cast iron and steel parts. Depending on the application, the motor can also be made entirely or partially of stainless steel.
Brake/Backstop non-reversing bearing
If a conveyor belt is mounted at an angle, there is a risk that the belt will roll back when stopped. A backstop non-reversing bearing can be used to prevent this. A ball bearing in the motor will be replaced by this non-reversing bearing that can only rotate in one direction. The direction of rotation of a motor is determined by the direction of the non-reversing bearing. In the drum motor type number, this is shown as TBRH (motor rotation clockwise, as seen from the terminal side) or TBLH motor rotation anti-clockwise).
Thermal protection
Our drum motors can be fitted with thermal protection on request. (Thermistor-PTC or Clixon-Bimetal)
Sometimes it is necessary to accurately trace the product on the belt or control its speed. Encoders and sensor bearings can be integrated for this purpose.
Inclined position
Sometimes the drum motor is positioned at an angle or even vertically. This is possible, but there are some restrictions.
A drum motor has seals to keep the oil in and keep dirt and moisture out. Different seals have been developed and are available for the various conditions. Download an overview of seals here.
Our drum motors are filled with mineral gear oil as standard. If the oil has to be replaced after a repair, it is important that the oil that meets the correct requirements. For motors used in the food industry, we use appropriate gear oils (both mineral and synthetic).